Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recycling Love..A Little Different from my usual posts

You may notice right away this doesn't seem like the standard stamping post, and you are correct. This {long} post is a short journey, about family and connection and about doing the right thing. I have been talking about my brother and his wife expecting their first baby, a boy due in August. They chose classic Pooh for the nursery, and for the shower. I have tried to be involved long distance. You can see her sweet as honey shower favors here I have felt pretty connected to the process, but realized my sister who didn't make the invitations, or favors, and who couldn't attend the shower was sort of "out of the loop" I wanted to make her a part of the celebration, I asked her if she wanted to join forces so to speak and buy a gift from both of us. She was thrilled with this idea....but on one condition. That we NOT purchase all new items, she is a very active advocate for our planet, recycling, and reducing her carbon footprint. I agreed that we could do several good things under her terms.
I began my search for the best items that were gently used and in pristine condition. I was very careful to stay away from toys and items that had the potential to have been recalled, safety is paramount when a newborn is concerned! I found several articles of clothing, with Pooh himself adorning some precious little onesies as well as a boppy, and 2 wonderful Pooh burp cloths.

My luck really hit when I found a 12 piece bedding set at a consignment boutique, I called my sister right away and we shopped together on the phone...hey a girl likes to have company when shes shopping! The photo above is the gorgeous classic Pooh curtain.
Such a sweet little mobile that plays the "Winnie the Pooh" theme song. Aren't they adorable!
I HAD to pick up this reversible jacket made from organic cotton, its sooo soft and luxurious plus I knew my sister would approve {wink}

I have lots of packaging that I save for my stamping projects, to recreate or cover with DSP. In this case I used it to "re-package" my recycled with love items. The receiving blankets are nestled in a Styrofoam produce container, I tied them with twill tape and added a tag I made from my cuttlebug die.

This is a plastic tube that I have been holding on to forever, I rolled the curtain and it was the perfect size. Pooh is so cute I didn't think any embellishment was needed!
I have been picking up a few things here and there as well and I mailed out 2 VERY LARGE boxes this morning so she will get them in time for the shower.I wish I could be there when she opens the boxes, she is going to be so excited!
I'm so happy I invited my sister to be a part of our brother and our sister in laws' shower, we got so much more with our budget than we would have otherwise, we supported the community by purchasing this consignment merchandise, we recycled packaging, and we became closer by working together and listening to each others views and priorities. I'm sure she will not mind that I will be shopping for stamps with all the cash I saved LOL :) Stampin'Up! catalog here I come!

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Nadya 's World!!! said...

That is awesome! :) I love when you can find a very good bargain. Your sister in law is going to be so excited. And that was such an awesome way to get closer with your sister. I need to do that next time. All of my sisters and brothers are all far far away...
Nadya :)