Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fifteen in 15

My Chella will be Fifteen in 15 short days. How will I survive yet another teenage girl driver?

We went to the department of motor vehicles today to pick up the handbook for her to study. Then we made a stop at the best and most adorable bakery for a pre-birthday treat. Yummy!
The bakery is just the most delightfully decorated little spot ever. They designed every detail to please the senses, with eye candy everywhere, the scent of sugar in the air, and the most charming sitting area. While she was chattering away and nibbling on her blueberry scone, I was holding onto the last few precious days I have...Until the driving lessons begin {sigh}

Oh blissful brownie cupcakes, and divine cream cheese frosted carrot cake .....take me away!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Friends 24-7 is one of my all time favorite stamp sets...Ive just about stamped the rubber off of this bird :) poor little guy. I decided to be brave and break out of my go to colors, its time to make a few new favorites. I must say that this turned out quite gorgeous. I'm not sure if it is the new "go to" color combo, {bermuda bay and going gray} but hey nothing ventured nothing gained. Venture on stamping sisters.Venture on.
I had fun creating my own decorator paper by using the flourish in this set and stamping in a repeating pattern. The sweet little leaves sizzix die is just the right size for the branch accent.
Its safe to say I will still reach for my beloved Chocolate chip ink pad {over and over again}
I will however walk the tightrope of adventurous color combinations, knowing my safety net
is just within arms reach. {so is the waste bin} *grin* Venture on Shantaie, and much will be gained.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the 11th Day of Christmas....

My True love gave to me eleven pipers piping.....a tall order these days!
Today is my turn to share a project with you from our 12 days of Christmas series at cuttlebug challenge blog, the DT has blown me away with each and every fabulous creation, please be sure to visit them all!

I decided to use piping bags as my interpretation of "pipers piping" These wonderfully fast to whip up gifts of cocoa goodies are the perfect last minute solution.
Go gather your supplies...I will wait for you :) {insert music}.........you will need
2 cocoa pouches per cone
2 piping bags
marshmallows, sprinkles, and candies {choc chips etc}
ribbon, rubberband, stamps, paper, embelishments

Pour contents of 2 cocoa pouches into bag, and trim off excess, fold over tightly.Slide into 2nd piping bag{ this is an important step} it will prevent your cocoa from migrating all throughout the bag,{trust me} dirty looking marshmallows are not pretty! :)
I used the top note die to create a tag,its embossed with the new flurries folder and sanded lightly on core'dinations paper.
Decorate as desired, and you have a fun and impressive {quick} gift, no need to rush to the drug store on the way to the party because you forgot a hostess gift!!! {yes. I have been there done that}
I made enough of these for a small army, Chella took them to all of her teachers, and they were "wowed" I'm pretty sure she is closer to being the teachers pet than she was last week :0

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Shopping we will go!

Although this does not resemble a Holiday card, it is however a Christmas gift for our daughter. Hubby had a plan....to give her a 25 minute shopping spree at the grocery store to repair the state of "old mother Hubbard's" syndrome of empty cupboards at her new apartment :)
Do you remember the game show supermarket sweep? It was a show where the contestant won a few minute shopping free for all, it was pretty hilarious to watch. Those contestants had nothing on a 21 year old with a bare checking account!!! Girl can shop!

This darling cart {I just happened to have a stamp} is from a retired Stampin'Up! set called "the wheel thing" And yes I DID cut out each one of the squares with my craft knife! It went pretty fast actually.And it makes such a difference.Totally worth the effort! The food is from the SU comfort food hostess set.

I used the photo corner punch to make my triangle points...although now I realize I could have used a square punch and cut them in half as well. Hmmmm? maybe my way was faster after all.
Don't you just love that sentiment? Of course its all in good fun, we all know money cant buy happiness truly. Stamps and ribbon? yes. That too is happiness. A Shopping we will go. :)

The Holidays are upon us, please take time out for yourself to enjoy all of the little moments that matter the most. As always Happy Creating, my dear friends!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention

Its so true don't you think? As the crafty girl I am {or at least aim to be} I find that when I can't find what I'm looking for I always end up making it. Necessity is the reason we try new things, broaden our horizons if you will. That brings me to today's project....a sonic the hedgehog ornament.

My daughter is a self proclaimed "Sonic obsessed" gamer, this cute little hedgehog and all around bundle of energy while popular with the game crowd, is NOT widely available on retail merchandise.
The one thing she really wants is a sonic ornament, so I made one....yep I'm the "best Mom ever" {for today} I'm sure that title will be short lived, I will do some random horrific thing like serve meatloaf for dinner and be knocked back down to the ranking of "queen of vile cuisine" Oh well I will revel in my glory for now :)

How to make an ornament like this one:
find an online coloring page, edit to size in your photo software, I chose a wallet size.
print on acetate, and while still wet sprinkle{quickly} with black embossing powder and emboss
cut out circle to size that will fit into globe, and color with sharpies, and sakura gel pens.
pour glitter in globe, punch small hole in top of acetate circle and tie silver cording .
roll acetate tightly {after its dry} and slip into top of ornament, secure top and enjoy!!

Don't forget to check out cuttlebug challenge blog every day for our fantastic....not to be missed 12 days of Christmas inspiration!

Happy Creating...Lots of Holiday Joy to you and yours!

Monday, December 14, 2009

How Sweet it is

To finally be on Holiday break, is ahhhh so sweet. Well yes we do have one more week of school before the house will be overrun with teenage girls, video game marathons, and multiple trips to the mall. I need a little Christmas now! Chella and I took a trip to gingerbread lane after school today. What an amazing talent this gingerbread artist has. This Harry Potter themed house took first place, and its no wonder. The roof is made of gum, and each one is perfectly placed.
This is one of my personal favorites, it was in the "youth" category...really? Its gorgeous with such lovely candy glass windows.

This beauty is all lit up, look at those brick pavers!! The handmade wreaths are precious, I want to go to a party at this house!

If I could be a candy girl in a candy house, I would live here!

Now this is my kind of candy land!
We had so much fun ohhhing and awwwing over each roof and fence,every silly snowman, and lopsided tree, it was a great little afternoon trip. I love those rare and perfect moments when she is still my little girl, when the laughter and conversation is easy, it is those simple moments that make all the hormone ravaged moody teen aged days just disappear.......How sweet it is

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flurries in a Hurry

If you need a quick gift , I have a "Flurry in a Hurry" Just for you! A couple of weeks ago we did a festival of lights celebration at cuttlebug challenge blog, it got my wheels going about all the interesting ways to create light. I picked up a basic night light for less than a dollar...yes that's right a fantastic quick gift for less than a dollar!!
I drilled a small hole in the center of the plastic cover with my dremmel, went through it like buttah!

I layered multiple sizes and textures of snowflakes, placed a sparkly brad through all layers, and added a few rhinestones with mono multi glue, and its done!! You could make a dozen of these in one afternoon... and you know you will WOW the recipient of this gift......
Disclaimer:I would advise anyone to not leave this unattended, it is paper and felt after all !!!!
This snowflake is a package adornment, I slid a pearl head pin through the rhinestone brad, and added a bead and weaved it through the ribbon {I cut the end off the pin} no fingers will be harmed during the unwrapping process :)
snowflake die #2 Stampin'Up!
jumbo snowflake punch Stampin'Up!
felt snowflakes
rhinestone brads
rhinestones, bead, pearl head pin,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rain, and wet feet!

We started the day out loading furniture for my daughters new apt. ....in the rain, then after a warm and yummy breakfast together and a trip home to change into dry clothes, we were off to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Out of the kindness of hubbys heart he agreed to move a truck and trailer for a friend....{before shopping!!} men have their priorities backwards some times! don'tcha think?

....and we got stuck in the mud {really. really. stuck.} ...it was an adventure of playing in the rain, wet feet, lots of mud, and cold.....we did not get any shopping done but I think this will be a Holiday memory neither of us will ever forget :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anatomy of a Christmas Card

Finally I have chosen a design, a color combination,and a theme , thus my family Christmas Cards for 2009 are a reality.
What is the anatomy of a Christmas card? With literally endless design possibilities it was so hard for me to plan {and stick to that plan} my cards. I was sure I would instantly change my mind ...as I am sooo fickle sometimes, seriously there are millions of beautiful ribbons and papers and don't even get me started about embellishments *swoon* I LOVE them all!!
How is a girl supposed to settle down and make "the" card that will be whisked away by the mail carrier and stuffed into the mailboxes of our loved ones forever to be treasured! {I hope} after ALL of that time of flip flopping back and forth like a goldfish out of water ,about what card to make that my handmade beauty will be placed on a glittered pedestal :) Go ahead and laugh, but you all feel the same way about your cards and you know it!! LOL

This is my final product,{sort of} I did add stitching to the snowflake panels. its by far not the most elaborate, or fabulous card I have ever made, but I did keep in mind that I needed to mass produce...and actually mail them *wink*
so here they are...made from paper and velvet ribbon, and satiny paper. my Christmas cards, different from anyone else's,unique and imperfect and special because I made them for the people I love.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

In the meadow we can build a snowman.....

Winter Wonderland has long been my favorite Christmas song... with "Santa Baby" a close runner up. On a balmy July {sleepless} night I had this idea dancing in my head {as well as the song} to make a 3D snowman.
The most frequent question I get asked is "where do you come up with your ideas?" Now you know the answer, I dream them up ! Many of them never make it out of the fairy tale world I like to call a brain,*grin* but every so often I take the plunge and attempt to create the whims of my imagination. Thus a glittery snowman is born.

He was cold so my dear friend Linnea whipped up a scarf {complete with tassels} and a precious little cap. I'm truly in awe of her talent!!!

I think my snowman may be lonely so I plan to "build" a family for him, I also need to give him a name...how about "sparkly the snowman"? Those sweet little twig arms are posed for a hug, maybe he should be "snuggles the snowman" :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cuttlebug be Inspired 59

Welcome to another Wednesday...and that means another cuttlebug challenge blog be inspired. Today my card features two exclusive Provo Craft embossing folders made just for Oh My crafts. The background of this card is debossed with the 5x7 folder of "holly leaves", my main image is the top note die from Stampin'up! split into an embossed black panel and a rose upper panel. The embossed trees were sanded and I used black magic card stock to get that super striking contrast.
My new stamp set of the moment is "patterned pines" from Stampin'Up! I love these fun and funky holiday trees!

The entire design team has Holiday inspiration galore, please stop by cuttlebug challenge blog and say hello..and we sure would love for you to join our challenge this week, we are so inspired by all of you and your fabulous work!
Happy creating!
ETA : Exciting news, this challenge will be running for two weeks..that gives you plenty of time to work on your project, and still do your "black Friday" Holiday shopping! We are giving away 4 [count them] 4 Oh My Crafts exclusive folder bundles *yeah* you have to get in on that!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Cakes!

Are you ready for a treat? This is my latest sweet concoction of cuteness, I call them "baby Cakes" I have been utterly *dying* to share this with you...so put on your seat belt girls, we are traveling into the Adorable zone! Each Baby cake gift box contains 3 soft white onsies adorned with fabric shapes cut from sizzix dies using the big shot or cuttlebug! What new mommy wouldn't squeal in delight at the sight of this gift box??
These onsies feature Stampin'Up! flower layers# 3 114527 $15.95, flower layers 113458 $15.95 and beautiful butterflies 114507 $21.95 Stampin'Up! exclusive.

To decorate your onsies using Stampin'Up! dies, iron your fabric and cut to fit die and simply run it through your roller machine.If your fabric needs a little stability place a piece of paper on top of your fabric.

I'm using a fusible material to adhere my shapes to the onsie, you can also use fabric glue, or just attach with buttons. If you are using a fabric that will fray use a liquid such as fray check to seal edges. You can also hand or machine stitch.

Place shapes in desired location, and iron in place following manufacturers directions.
the die used here is circles#2 114526 $15.95, and above stars#2 113461 $15.95

All you Die cut Divas now have a whole new way to play with one of your favorite toys! Not a die cut diva yet? I have a very special offer for you, for every $25.00 Stampin'Up! order you place with me I will email you the baby cakes box template free!! Click here to order
To get step by step directions, a list of materials, and the template for only 2.95 order below.Template will be emailed to you within 24 hours after order is processed.

To receive a packet of 10 die cut shapes for 2.95 plus 2.00 Shipping, order below. *please note* colors may vary.


If you were inspired by this project, let me know! Please be kind and show some "link love" if you case. Happy creating!